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Drive-By Shooting in Germantown Leaves Teen Dead, Three Injured

One man has died, and three others were injured after a drive-by shooting in Germantown on a warm April night.

According to police, a group of people were standing in the parking lot in front of a townhouse community at the 18700 block of Curry Powder Lane in Germantown, when a vehicle drove through the dead-end street and opened fire on the group where they stood. The gunman struck, as many as four people and the unidentified vehicle exited the community at high speed.

The incident took place at about 9:15 pm on Wednesday, April 16. The 911 call taker told responding police units that multiple callers had reported hearing at least seven shots fired and lots of screaming, and someone scream “Get in the car!”

In the chaos following the shooting, two victims, two adult male victims immediately got in a car and left the scene in an attempt to get to a local hospital. Investigators say that 18-year-old Tray Dawkins, of Germantown, was driven to the Germantown Emergency Center on Germantown Road, where he succumbed to his injuries. The other adult male suffered non-life threatening injuries of a non-specific nature. Police located two other victims, one adult male and one teenage male at the scene of the shooting. Montgomery County Fire Rescue EMS units evaluated and transported the other victims to local hospitals.