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Germantown Man Among Team of Healers Training to Run the Boston Marathon

Jim Gregory always finishes what he starts. Whether that is caring for children as a social worker or running the Boston Marathon.

Maybe you’ve seen the guy with the Mohawk and beard running down your street, or on the trails at South Germantown Park, or the track at Northwest High School. That guy is 46-year-old Jim Gregory, and for his age group — men 45 to 49 — he is one of the top marathon runners in the world. He is currently ranked No. 4 in the United States.

In the last four years, Gregory has run six marathons, but he’s only finished five. He intends to change that on Monday, April 15, as he competes in the Boston Marathon for the second time. Last year, he entered the Boston Marathon, but the bad weather and injuries during training led him to drop out before finishing.

On Monday, Gregory, a social worker who has dedicated his life to the welfare of abused and neglected children, will be running as a member of a team of healers. Healers put together and supported by Hylands, Inc., the Official Cramp Relief Sponsor of the Boston Marathon. Gregory was selected to be a member of Hylands Team of 18 health professionals to run the Boston Marathon. The 2019 team was hand-selected from more than 500 applications received from runners across the country.