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Germantown Man Held in Connection to ISIS Inspired Terrorist Plot to Run Down Pedestrians

Last week, Germantown Pulse, published a story about a Germantown man who had been reported missing from his place of employment and later updated the story to report that he had been located.

Yesterday, it was disclosed that the missing man, 28-year-old Rondell Henry, of Honey Crisp Lane in Germantown, had been plotting to conduct, what federal prosecutors, are calling an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in Prince Georges County during the time he was missing.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland has charged Rondell Henry with interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle. Yesterday, the government filed a motion arguing for Henry to be detained pending trial as a flight risk and a danger to the community. Specifically, the government’s detention memo alleges that Henry, who claimed to be inspired by the ISIS terrorist organization, stole a U-Haul van with the intention of using it as a weapon against pedestrians on sidewalks within the National Harbor complex along the Potomac River in Maryland.

According to the criminal complaint and other court documents, on March 26, the Alexandria Police Department was contacted concerning a leased U-Haul vehicle that had been stolen from a parking garage at a mall in Alexandria, Virginia. The driver, who had rented the U-Haul vehicle had noticed a man driving a blue BMW following the U-Haul off Interstate 395 and onto mall property, then follow the U-Haul into the parking garage and park a few spaces away. When police responded to the garage, they found the BMW near where the U-Haul had been stolen. A check of the BMW’s registration records revealed that the BMW was registered to Rondell Henry.

On Wednesday, March 27, Montgomery County Police put out a Missing Persons press release reading that 5th District investigative officers were asking the public’s assistance in locating Henry, who was last seen by co-workers at approximately noon on Tuesday, March 26 when he left his place of employment in Germantown.

Also on March 27, the stolen U-Haul was located at the National Harbor in Maryland. Law enforcement reviewed video surveillance of the area that showed Henry parking and subsequently exiting the stolen U-Haul.

According to the detention memo submitted by federal prosecutors, for two years, Henry has harbored “hatred” for those who do not practice the Muslim faith. Allegedly inspired by videos he watched of foreign terrorists, Henry decided to conduct a vehicular attack, similar to the 2016 truck attack in Nice, France, for which ISIS claimed responsibility.