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Germantown Pulse Purchased by Western MD Media Inc. in $14.6 Million Deal

As the second quarter of 2019 begins it is being released that Germantown Pulse — the news and information website — has reached a deal to sell all brand assets to the Flintstone, Md.-based Western MD (WMD) Media Group Inc. for a deal worth $14.6 million.

The deal would turn over all assets of Germantown Pulse to Western Md Media, which owns several other digital media websites throughout the Maryland panhandle including; The Barrelville Rim, The Accident Happens, The Friendsville Busybody, The Wolfsville Howler, The Buckeystown Bucker, and The Funkstown Stink, as well as the flagship The Flintstone Bedrock.

“The coverage and in-depth analysis of local issues that the Germantown Pulse has been doing since its inception has been something that we would be proud to have in our stable of brands,” said Lou Grant, news manager for WMD. “The lack of typos found in Germentown Pulse was the thing that first drew our attention to the Pluse.”

Germantown Pulse began as a small hyper-local news site in 2014 covering Germantown and quickly expanded to include areas surrounding Germantown such as Boyds, South Germantown, Germantown Park, Northern Germantown, and Clarksburg.

Germantown Pulse founder and editor Kevin O’Rourke was unavailable for comment. It is believed that he in Europe opening a Swiss bank account into which the funds from the acquisition will be deposited. However, sources close to O’Rourke have heard him say that he was, “Highly doubtful that this deal will ever close.” Indeed, some industry insiders are have raised questions if the Federal Trade Commission would ever allow such a monopoly on local news in on state.”

However, WMD did release the following statements on the deal. “We are beyond pleased to purchase Germantown Pulse,” said editor-in-chief of WMD, J. Johan Jameson, who was formerly editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle newspaper. “It is our intention to make all of Germantown Pulse’s current content free to all readers; this is includes all articles on the website, and the Twitter feed, and the FaceBook page which are very popular, as well as the weekly e-newsletter. We believe that news should be a free-for-all type thing; however, through proprietary technology, we call Piper, we intend to extract a small weekly fee from all readers wishing to participate in the news free-for-all.” Jameson fell short of calling it a paywall but did say the new site would be “news orgy” for readers once the Piper has been paid. "Everyone must pay the Piper," he said.

“This acquisition is the first of many to come as we move east in Maryland to where the people live,” said Ronald Burgundy, the CEO, and anchor at WMD. “We have also been in talks with The MoCo Show, and MoCoSnow as additional targets for acquisition. However, we’ve been hampered by an early spring snowstorm here in western Maryland. We see Germantown and the Montgomery County area as a location for future growth with many, many residents and opportunities. We are just shocked and surprised at the number of people living that county, and we want them to pay us,” said Burgundy. He added, “Stay classy, Germantown.”

Happy April Fools Day.