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Community Meeting Regarding Churchill Village Rezoning Plan

The Montgomery County Planning Department is working on updating the zoning classification for the Churchill Village area of Germantown and will hold a Community Meeting to inform residents of the impacts of the proposed changes.

The public meeting to present preliminary recommendations for the Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone on Thursday, March 14 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Upcounty Regional Center at 12900 Middlebrook Road in Germantown.

The purpose of this plan, according to the Planning Department, is to apply current zoning classifications to this area to replace the Town Sector (T-S) zoning that is being phased out due to the updated county zoning code.

According to a Planning Department’s website, “In October 1968, the T-S zone was approved for the entire Churchill Village community through Zoning Application No. F-148. This zone provided the mechanism to build a planned “new town” on 1,500 acres of largely undeveloped land. Such towns, to the extent possible, were to provide all the land uses needed to make a community reasonably self-sufficient, except for major employment and central business district shopping.”

The Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone will address the 1,254 acres which make up the village’s T-S zone, which includes Churchill Lake, parks, walking trails and recreational amenities. In 2014, Montgomery County updated its zoning ordinance and, as a result, the T-S zone is being phased out.

Additionally, as approved by the original 1968 zoning case that authorized the development of Churchill Village, no new zoning classifications could be considered for 50 years. This zoning control feature expired in 2018 and is the primary reason for this sector plan, according to a Planning Dept. press release. Planners have analyzed existing land uses, densities and open spaces in order to prepare new zoning recommendations that best reflect current conditions, uses and densities.

The rezoning process began in October with a community meeting. At the kick community meeting, the Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone team provided a presentation about the master plan process, the purpose of the master plan, and summarized the potential new zoning classifications in the plan area.

In November, the Planning Board approved the Scope of Work, which outlines the planning framework, goals, approach, community outreach plan, and project boundary map. Planning staff is now moving forward with preparing a proposed zoning map and will present its recommendations to the community.

Anyone who lives or works in Churchill Village or has an interest in the future of this community is invited to attend the open house meeting. Planners will discuss existing conditions, land uses, zoning and the county planning process. Participants will have an opportunity to meet the project team, ask questions and learn how to participate in this planning process. Those wishing to attend may RSVP here. RSVP is not required to attend.


Top: Map of the Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone. The dotted line is the boundary and any green area is parkland.

Map courtesy Montgomery County Planning Department.

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