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Maryland Needs to Better Support Disabled Residents

As a new state legislator, a goal of mine for this first session is to quickly learn to be an effective lawmaker and make a positive difference in the lives of Marylanders, preferably in a way that doesn’t add to our already tight state budget. Many times, this means supporting legislation of more seasoned lawmakers and adding my input to the change that they lead.

So, I’m proud to share that I’ve introduced my first bill, HB-226, which builds off the successful 2016 legislation sponsored by former Senator Rich Madaleno and Delegate Brooke Lierman and set a minimum of $30 per month in assistance for to those 62 years old or older. My bill aims to include the disabled in this $30 minimum, as it’s unfair for the disabled not to have parity in our laws.

For background, there are nearly 96,0000 Marylanders who are not able to work due to disability. Many depend on Maryland’s Food S