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Ethereal Landscapes Featured in “This Moment, This Place” Exhibit at BlackRock

Maryland photographer uses a large-format camera and 4x5 sheet film to capture dramatic scenes discovered in National Parks across the U.S. and rural landscape near his home in Ijamsville.

BlackRock Center for the Arts is featuring the solo exhibition “Michael Berry: This Moment, This Place” is on view through Saturday, February 23, in the Terrace Gallery, located on the upper level of the multidisciplinary nonprofit arts center. Admission to the galleries at BlackRock is always free.

Racking his large-format camera, Michael Berry carefully controls the plane of focus and depth of field, before capturing ethereal landscapes on 4x5 sheet film. The slow process requires patience, as the Maryland photographer revisits his chosen sites multiple times, studying the location from various angles and waiting for just the right weather conditions before

setting up his tripod. With the aid of a hand-held light meter and the freedom only the bellows of a view camera allows, Berry is able to record a striking range of values and achieve deep focus in compositions often dominated by vast expanses of cloud-filled skies above mountain ranges, bodies of water, or agricultural fields. He develops his own film then scans each negative on a drum scanner before adjusting contrast in the digital darkroom. In his solo exhibition This Moment, This Place, Berry explores the landscape, both near his home and on his travels, in a series of black and white photographs documenting the experience of a specific moment in a unique place.