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Sculptures Expose the Frailty of Humanity vs the Environment

BlackRock Center for the Arts is featuring the solo exhibition “Stephanie Garon: Nature/Nurture,” which will remain on view through Saturday, February 16, in the Kay Gallery, on the main level.

Maryland artist Stephanie Garon will be at BlackRock on Saturday, February 2 to present an Artist Talk at 2:00 pm, followed be a tour of the exhibition. Both events are free and open to the public. Admission to the galleries at BlackRock is always free.

Juxtaposing steel and organic materials, which change formally over time, Garon constructs sculptures that are a metaphor for human limitations in the face of nature. In her solo exhibition Nature/Nurture, Garon exposes the frailty of humanity versus the environment while emphasizing the importance of sustaining both.

Fusing biological and emotional perspectives of form and function, her works include concrete, honey, soil, wax, talc, paper, glass, clay, leaves and other natural materials in various stages of decomposition. Reflecting on the dichotomy of the visible world against invisible memories of it, the artist builds fragile pieces that capture traces of time passing as dried pine needles tenuously cling to a steel armature in “Pelt” or honey turns brittle between

mounds of concrete in “Behold.” Garon also uses chemistry to manipulate materials, making a paste of talc and Cloudberry oil in “Couching” or stirring Cabernet Sauvignon into the resin coating for “Fortune,” before applying the unstable mixtures to sheets of bent steel. In her dynamic natural forms, that continue to transform in the gallery, Garon captures the paradoxes of formalism and fragility, permanence and impermanence, nature and nurture.

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