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Father Hurley Boulevard Sinkhole Adds to County Budget Woes

The project to repair and replace the failed culvert running under Father Hurley Boulevard was one of the reasons that Montgomery County was facing a $50 million budget gap in the upcoming budget, according to County Executive Marc Elrich.

The County Executive told reporters at a media roundtable last Thursday that the sinkhole was costing the County $20 million to repair. He pointed out that there were some costs from last year, which were unexpected and specifically mentioned the sinkhole on Father Hurley Boulevard.

“We had some surprises from last year,” said Elrich. “There were some capital expenses that we didn’t anticipate. There was a hole in a bridge that exposed gas lines, electric lines, and water. It made for a very expensive fix for a sinkhole. It was a lot more than a sinkhole. I cost a lot of money, about $20 million that we had not anticipated in our capital budget. That money was set aside and planned for other projects this year.”

Germantown Pulse contacted the Montgomery County Department of Transportation regarding the repair project on Father Hurley Boulevard, which has been ongoing since the sinkhole developed on July 22 last year. According to MCDOT, the will cost the County $4 million, not the $20 million mentioned by Elrich last week.

The Pulse reached out to the County Executive’s office for clarification this week, and Public Information Officer Neil Greenberger confirmed that the project cost is indeed, $4 million. He said the County Executive “misspoke” regarding the cost of the sinkhole repairs.