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One House Project Exhibit Features Immigration Stories by Local Artists

The “One House Project” exhibit brings together participants, both artists and community members, who have been given a simple wood panel measuring 12-inches square on which to tell the story of one of their ancestors who came to this country from elsewhere, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Participants who are themselves immigrants were encouraged to use the panel to tell their own story. Native Americans, who were the first inhabitants of this land, may honor any ancestor whose life story is important to them. Artist members of ArtWatch, the collective who organized the exhibition, have constructed an underlying structure — a house — and attached the completed panels to the outside, covering it completely. The “One House Project” exhibit also incorporates audio and video recordings of contributing participants telling the immigration stories.

The foundation of the “One House Project” exhibit is a large house structure built in the center of the gallery at BlackRock which displays panels created by nearly 300 participating artists, making it one of the largest collaborative art installations ever presented by artists from the Washington, DC region.

The panels pay tribute to a wide range of individuals who include Native Americans, those whose ancestors came on the Mayflower, artists who are themselves immigrants, and each of the great waves of immigration in

between. The collective presentation of individual panels on a single house is a powerful visual statement about the strength that diversity brings to this country. An online catalog, including an image of each