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Sally Ride School PTA Launches New Fund-Raising Effort

The Parent Teacher Association at Sally K. Ride Elementary School in Germantown has launched a fundraising effort in hopes of raising $15,000 to support a variety of programs which the school and the PTA sponsor, including After School Clubs and Transportation, Language Enrichment Clubs, theater classes with the Olney Theatre Center, and many other programs.

“For the last several years, we have worked to use the Scholastic Book Fair as our fundraiser,” said Sally Ride Elementary Principal Elise Burgess. “However, we recognize our families are busy, and many hold multiple jobs, so sometimes a direct donation is better, particularly with social media outreach to family members and community members who may want to contribute but aren’t interested in the typical popcorn, wrapping paper fundraisers.”

Burgess said this is the first time the school’s PTA is attempting an additional fundraiser of this type. “It is also an impossible to lose fundraiser; no matter what, we didn’t spend any money to get it up and running, so we can only make money, not lose any,” she said.

The school is taking the bold move to open up the fundraiser to the wider community in hopes of attracting donations from families outside of the school community.

The largest expense which the PTA hopes to fund with this effort is the After School Clubs and Transportation program which provides supervised after-school activities and a safe way home for students attending the school, which is located at 21301 Seneca Crossing Drive in Germantown. The after-school clubs are held twice a week.