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Lady Coyotes Hope a Perfect Season, Leads to a Perfect Post-Season

An undefeated regular season at any level of competition is never a small achievement. For teams at the top, that alone isn’t enough; those teams aim for championships.

The Clarksburg varsity girls’ field hockey team went unbeaten for the first time in the school’s 13-season history this past fall, going 12-0 in regular season play.

Head coach Sissy Natoli, who’s coached the Coyotes’ field hockey and girls’ basketball teams each of those 13 years, knows her team isn’t satisfied just going 12-0. This year, the Coyotes want to go all the way to the state finals.

“Sometimes you dream about a season like this, and I feel like they’ve reached that one goal, but we’re not done and they know we’re not done,” she said of her players. “If you stop at being 12-0 and you don’t take people seriously in the playoffs, you’re going to lose.”

Clarksburg has steadily improved the past few years, finishing with a better record and going one round further in the postseason each year since 2015. The team won the 4A West regional final last year before falling to Dulaney 2-0 in the state semifinals.

“We’ve been trying for four years to just get that perfect season,” said senior midfielder Anna Bertrand. “We’ve always had just one game where we’ve not really been able to get all the way through, but we’ve worked so hard for it — and I’m really happy that we finally got here.”