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Two MCPS School Buses Hit After Truck Runs Red Light

Several people, including students, were transported to local hospitals after a truck ran a red light and crashed into a school bus on Monday morning in Germantown. The incident occurred at about 8:40 am on Monday, Oct. 22 at the intersection of Frederick Road and Gunners Branch Road.

According to police, the Montgomery County Public Schools bus was making a left turn on to Frederick Avenue/MD-355, leaving the Fox Chapel shopping center at the traffic light when a roll-off truck traveling northbound on MD-355 ran the red light and struck the bus. The bus was spun around forced back into the northbound lanes where it struck an SUV which was pushed into a second MCPS bus.

“The bus was almost in the middle of the intersection and had its wheels turned when it was struck by the truck,” said Lt. Joseph Onderko, Deputy Commander of the 5th District MCPD. “So it sent into a spin or involuntary U-turn, and it ended up striking an SUV which was headed northbound on MD-355. The SUV was knocked into the second bus which was behind it in the left turn lane to make the left on to Gunners Branch Road.”

MCPS confirmed that two of its buses were involved in the collision. The first bus which suffered the most damage was carrying special needs students was en route to Laytonsville Elementary School and the second bus which police said suffered only scratches was headed to nearby Fox Chapel Elementary School. No injuries were reported anyone the second bus.

Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service senior spokesman Peter Piringer confirmed that EMS evaluated a number of patients at the scene and a total of seven patients, including two students, and five adults were transported to local hospitals. Piringer said that the two special needs students who were on the first bus were transported by EMS as a precaution, and were not necessarily injured in the collision. All injures were non-life threatening, according to Piringer.

According to Onderko, the driver of the SUV was transported to a local hospital, as was the driver of the truck. Onderko said that the driver was issued a traffic citation for the accident which remains under investigation by police.

The crash forced the closure of both lanes of Frederick Road from 8:40 am through rush hour. Traffic was opened for the southbound lanes by about 9:40 am, but the northbound lanes were closed until 10:00 am.


Top: MCFRS and MCPD on the scene of a traffic collision involving two MCPS school buses at the intersection of MD-355 and Gunners Branch Road in Germantown on Monday morning.

Next: According to police, the school bus was attempting to turn left onto southbound Frederick Road from the Fox Chapel Shopping Center and was hit by a truck which had run a red light.

Next: The bus was forced into a spin, crashed into an SUV, which was forced into another MCPS school bus. The first bus came to rest across the northbound lanes of MD-355.

Next: The roll-off type truck, which struck the school bus, stopped shortly after the intersection. The driver was transported to a local hospital and was issued a citation in connection with the collision.

Photos by Germantown Pulse

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