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State to Activate New Traffic Light on Germantown Road

Residents should be prepared to stop for yet another traffic signal on Germantown Road/Md-118 beginning next Monday.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration will put the new traffic signal at the intersection of Germantown Road and Waters Road/Bowman Mill Road in “Flash Mode” on Tuesday, Sept. 11 and the light go into full red, amber, green mode on Monday, Sept. 17, according to Charile Gischlar, a spokesperson for MDOT SHA.

“It is standard procedure for new traffic signals,” said Gishlar. “We put the signal in flash more for three days or more to alert drivers of the new signal. Weather permitting, it will go into full color mode on September 17. It will flash amber (yellow) on the mainline (MD 118) and flash red on the side streets. Side streets are required to stop until safe to proceed.”

He said the signal will have an exclusive left-turn lane arrow and would be synced to lights at Dawson Farm Road and Wisteria Drive.

The new signal is required now that the new road connecting Waters Road to Germantown Road is open. The connection joins Waters Road with Bowman Road near the MARC Train Station parking lot. Waters Road used to end in a cul-de-sac. The Planning Board approved the realignment of Waters Road right-of-way at the January 2015.


Top: The wraps on the lights will come off on Tuesday, Sept. 11 and the new signal at Waters Road/Bowman Mill Road on Germantown Road will go into “Flash Mode” for a week, before going into full mode on Monday, Sept. 17.

Next: The intersection of Bowman Mill Road is where the Germantown MARC train station is, the new signal will make entering and exiting the train station parking lot safer.

Next: The new road connecting Waters Road to Germantown Road was completed in 2017.

Photos by Germantown Pulse