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David Trone Announces He is Undergoing Cancer Treatments

Late Monday afternoon, it was announced that Democratic nominee for Maryland’s Sixth District Congressional seat and co-owner of Total Wine & More has been diagnosed with cancer and will likely require having a kidney removed.

Trone issued the following statement:

“I want the 760,000 residents of the Sixth District and my 7,000 teammates in the Total Wine family to know that I am being treated for a localized cancer. An abnormal lab result at the time of my annual physical exam led doctors to conduct additional tests. On Monday, June 25, it was confirmed that I had a tumor in my urinary tract. Since then, I have undergone chemotherapy treatment at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, a treatment that has led to a substantial reduction in the size of the tumor.

The next step in the recommended course of treatment is to remove the kidney on that side of my urinary tract. The treatment team members believe my prognosis is positive. They say I may miss a few days of the campaign immediately after the surgery, but nothing will interfere with my being fully engaged as a candidate and as a member of Congress after the recovery.

I am confident I will make a full recovery.

I could not have faced this challenge without unwavering love and unconditional support from June. If anyone is a hero in this, it is June. She has been a rock, just as she has been in over 30 years of our marriage. Our four children have responded as every parent would want: with love, support, encouragement, and good humor since the diagnosis.”

Dr. Phillip Pierorazio of the Brady Urological Institute and Department of Urology at Johns Hopkins, and the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, said that “David’s prognosis is excellent. He is being treated for a localized cancer of the genitourinary system with chemotherapy and planned surgery. The cancer is localized, and the treatment has been aggressive. The chemotherapy has reduced the size of the tumor, and we foresee no complications from the upcoming surgery to remove the kidney. His underlying health is strong, and he has fully complied with every recommendation of his treatment team. We expect David to fully recover, to return as an active candidate, and, if elected, to carry out all of the duties of a member of the House of Representatives.”

Trone’s wife June added, “I am so grateful for the care of the medical professionals treating David, and the love