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Police Say Nine Cars Damaged by BBs on Germantown Street

It seems someone had the bright idea to shoot BBs at vehicles parked along a Germantown street randomly the incident damaged multiple vehicles.

Montgomery County Police are investigating the incidents which occurred on Dairymaid Drive in Germantown overnight Sunday, August 12 into Monday, August 13. MCPD spokesperson Rick Goodale said that nine vehicles were shot with a pellet or BB gun in either the late night of Sunday night or the early morning hours of Monday morning. “It seems like someone either walked or drove along the street and randomly shot at vehicles parked along the street.”

Dairymaid Drive is a street which always has many vehicles parked along the road. Like many streets in town, however, Dairymaid Drive seems a bit wider than many roads with many multi-family dwellings running along both sides. The road seems to accommodate the extra parking areas.

“The damage was shattered windows on cars, and dents to doors and quarter panels,” Goodale said. Police do not believe that the damage was done with an actual firearm, but rather a BB gun or pellet gun. Goodale also said that he expects there may be more victims in the incident who either didn’t realize it was a situation where so many other vehicles had been hit or didn’t have the time to report the damage.

This is not the first time BB guns have been reported in cases of vandalism in town. Back in the Fall of 2017, there was a rash of more than 25 BB gun vandalism at retail locations and one incident of 17 windows at Northwest High School being shot out by a pellet gun.

Anyone with any information on the suspect(s) who committed these series of vandalism to vehicles are asked to call the Germantown District station at 240-773-6200.

File photo by Germantown Pulse.