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Unattended Bag Forces Evacuation of Germantown Post Office

Workers and customers at the Germantown Post Office got a bit of a scare on Tuesday, as an unattended bag forced the evacuation of the building as officials investigated. The bag turned out to be empty and no threat to the building or community.

The unattended bag, which was described as a hard-bodied suitcase, was discovered shortly after 1:30 pm on Tuesday, July 3 and when no one claimed ownership or responsibility for the suspicious suitcase the building was evacuated and Montgomery County Police and Fire Rescue were called to the building at 12774 Wisteria Drive in Germantown.

Fire officials were called to the scene, and the bag was checked and determined to be empty, except for a single paper clip. Officials were able to give the “All Clear” by 3:00 pm and employees and customers were able to re-enter the building.

Photo provided by a Germantown Pulse reader.