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Poured Watercolor Paintings by Angela Lacy Depict “Shadow Play” on Architecture

BlackRock Center for the Arts is presenting a series of poured watercolor paintings by Montgomery County artist Angela Lacy in her solo exhibition “Shadow Play” in the Terrace Gallery through Saturday, July 14.

Using a restricted palette of primary colors, Potomac resident Angela Lacy pours layers of transparent watercolor to slowly build variations in hue and value as she develops compositions focused on the play of light and shadow on architectural forms in street scenes encountered in her travels. The graphic quality of the local artist’s paintings is the direct result of a laborious indirect painting process. While Lacy employs improvisational techniques when pouring and tilting the paper in various directions to allow the well-diluted yellow, red and blue to flow, mingle and blend on the absorbent surface, her process also requires multiple stages of detailed brush work using masking fluid between each layer of pouring.

Planning and patience go into each painting, as the artist strives to preserve areas of luminosity and achieve a full range of colors and tones in her high-contrast paintings. The local artist, who maintains a studio in Rockville, only recently began creating poured paintings, with all of the works in her solo exhibition “Shadow Play” having been created since 2015.

Originally from Japan, Lacy moved to the U.S. after completing studies in English at Keisen University in Tokyo. Following a career working for the Federal Government, she retired in 2008 and began to focus on painting full time. Lacy has received numerous awards and her paintings have been included in exhibits throughout the Washington, DC region.