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Tuesday’s Election is the Best Opportunity for the UpCounty to Move Out of the Back Seat and into th

Next Tuesday promises to be a historic day in Montgomery County. Next Tuesday is Election Day. It is the day when citizens begin the process of choosing their leaders for the next four years; it is Primary Day. It is the day that the UpCounty moves from the back seat to the front seat.

Next Tuesday the Republican and Democratic candidates for County Executive, County Council District-2 Germantown, and four At-Large County Council seats will be determined. There are also primaries for the Maryland 6th District Congressional race, the Maryland Governor’s race, and the entire Maryland State Legislature.

If you think of Montgomery County as a car sitting in I-270 traffic, for many years the UpCounty has been sitting in the back seat of that car, making suggestions and asking for the air-conditioning to be turned up and the radio station to be changed. If the UpCounty can elect one or more At-Large Councilmembers with roots in the UpCounty, we can move to the front seat of that car, with a greater impact on the direction and speed as well as easier access to the quality of life controls and the radio station.

It is historic. Not because of who is or isn’t running, but because it will provide the UpCounty — folks in Germantown and Clarksburg, Boyds, and Damascus with the opportunity to elect leaders which will give the UpCounty a larger voice in County affairs.

This opportunity comes thanks to the momentous passage of the Term Limits Referendum in November of 2016. A measure which was supported by more than 70 percent of voters, despite harsh and determined opposition from County leaders currently holding those seats. The measure forced three At-Large seats to be vacated.

At the same time, voters will be electing the first new chief executive of Montgomery County in 12 years. It is the time for voters to choose a new driver for that car that has been sitting in traffic. A new leader will be elected, with new ideas on the direction of the County.