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Germantown Pulse Reader Rewards Video Game Loving Police Officer

A 5th District Officer received a special gift from a Germantown Pulse reader as way of thanking him for his service and rewarding his love of video games.

Back on May 19 the 7-Eleven at the corner of Mateny Road and Clopper Road was robbed at gunpoint. The criminal, a 21-year-old Germantown man was arrested on May 25 thanks in large part to self-described “nerd” and video game lover Officer Orlando Jarquin, who recognized the “Call of Duty” bag used by the suspect during the robbery.

Officer Jarquin’s helped identify the bag in the surveillance video as a unique item given only to customers who pre-ordered the latest Call of Duty Black Ops video game during a set time. Detectives later used this information to confirm that suspect had pre-ordered the game and received the bag.

Back on May 31, Germantown Pulse published the story about the suspect being arrested and spoke with Officer Jarquin about his help in bringing the suspect to justice.

“I am a nerd, man,” said Officer Jarquin. “I am a gamer. I noticed (the bag) right way. Heck, I wanted one, but they were out. I am glad we were able to close this case and get this guy.”

After the story was published, the Pulse was contacted by a reader, who wanted to remain anonymous, who said he had found the bag available for sale on Ebay and that he would purchase the bag if the Pulse could facilitate a way to get the back to Officer Jarquin.

On Wednesday, the Germantown Pulse and 5th District Commander Capt. Mark Plazinski presented a shocked and surprised Officer Jarquin with the limited edition Call of Duty – Black Ops 4 bag, purchased by the reader who wanted to do something special for police officer.

“This is a very cool item,” Plazinski to Jarquin, “Not because it’s a cool bag, but because of what it represents to you. You should frame this and in 10 years you will have a very cool reminder of why you became a police officer and what this job means to thousands of good people beyond those who are unhappy to see us as we patrol. This can be a difficult job, and it is moments like this that remind us how important it is, and who we are working to protect.”

Editor's Note: The Germantown Pulse was more than happy to make this happen. Thank you to our generous reader and to Commander Plazinski for allowing us to play a small part in giving back to the men and women of the 5th District.