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Rehab 2 Perform Hosts Spring Seminar for Fitness Pros

Since expanding to Germantown with the opening of Rehab2Perform in October, Germantown native Dr. Josh Funk has been working to improve the lives of his clients, but he also wants to use his experience as a leader in the sports rehabilitation and fitness fields to better educate fitness professionals in the area.

On Saturday, April 21 Rehab 2 Perform hosted the first Spring Seminar for fitness and rehabilitation professionals at its Germantown location. The 35 attendees heard presentations from four members of the R2P team.

“For us this event is a way to share what we do at we do at Rehab 2 Perform,” said Funk, “to connect people who are in our industry, and ideally expose those people to things that we feel are highly valuable so they can share those ideas and concepts with the people that they are working with. We pride ourselves on doing things that are maybe on the cutting edge and being progressive, and being in the position that we are where we’ve created enough of a presence through our brand that we can share those ideas and concepts with other people is pretty special.”

The event was kicked off with a presentation by Dr. Zach Baker focused on getting athletes back into competition and the latest thoughts on how to return clients to the field quickly and safely.

The second seminar by Dr. Anthony Iannarino was more on specific training principals with regard to exercise prescription and how to properly progress a client and craft a program catered needs.

The third talk, by Dr. Jared Boyd, dove deeper into client specifics regarding lifestyle management covering everything from sleep to breathing, to stress management while taking a more holistic view of the rehabilitation process based on lifestyle habits.

Finally, Funk’s program was about best practices of marketing for fitness pros. “It is all about getting back to basics,” said Funk. “There has been this huge push to have a social media presence, and Google ads, and SEO optimization, but my big thing is getting back to the relationship side of marketing and adding value to people’s lives outside of the clinic. Putting yourself in a position where you are branding yourself and the people that you are working with so that it makes everything you are trying to do from an inbound marketing standpoint it will make the online stuff that much more effective. Without those relationships, it is really challenging. Because you just see ads or a video, or picture which is cool, but the client doesn’t know that person. There is no connectivity.”

Funk stressed fitness professionals need to get out into the community and find influencers and connectors which will allow them to develop a relationship. “Once there is a connection, those clients open up their network to you as result of your relationship. In the end, it will benefit you in a wide variety of ways and put you in a position where you are increasing your thought leadership, your expertise, and at the end of the day – your bott