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Police Commander: No One Tried to Shoot Up a RideOn Bus on Saturday

Montgomery County Police briefly detained two men on Saturday after the men boarded a RideOn Bus with what appeared to be a weapon, it turned out to be a B.B. gun.

5th District Commander Capt. Mark Plazinski said that the incident which took place on Saturday afternoon, April 7 involving a RideOn Bus was not a criminal incident.

A video had been making the rounds on social media was originally posted to FaceBook, but has since been removed, showed a large police response to a RideOn Bus on Germantown Road near the intersection of Middlebrook Road. The video showed two men being detained by police and the description said two men attempted to “shoot up” RideOn bus. It showed the men sitting on the curb and panned to show a long rifle, which looked like an AR-15 style weapon.

Plazinski told Germantown Pulse that the men were attempting to bring a B.B. gun and some B.B. rounds onto the bus to transport them from one place to another. The presence of what appeared to be a weapon caused concern and police were called. Officers detained and identified the men and confirmed that there was no bad intent and no crime. The men were released, and no charges were filed.

Plazinski said he was unsure of what kind of B.B. gun the men had, and said that he had not seen the video, so he could not say if the rifle in the video was the B.B. gun or a weapon brought to the scene by one of the officers in response to the reported threat.

File photo by Germantown Pulse.