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Germantown Retailer Sells Two Million Dollar Lottery Tickets in Three Months

The convenience store at the corner of Germantown Road and Frederick Road has become a very lucky spot for lottery playing folks in 2018. The Washingtonian Convenience Store has sold two $1 million winning Maryland Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets in the last 90 days.

In January, Germantown Pulse reported that an unidentified 34-year-old Germantown woman purchased a $1 million winning scratch-off lottery ticket at the store. Then, on Thursday, March 8, a Gaithersburg man had the same life-changing luck by purchasing another $1 million winning scatch-off ticket at the same location, according to lottery officials.

The unidentified 54-year-old Gaithersburg man is a painter, and he stopped into the Washingtonian Convenience Store, which is owned by Chantilly, Va.-based E&C Mid-Atlantic Ventures, Inc. and bought a $20 Win Big ticket. He started scratching it when he returned home from the store. After revealing a $1 million win, he showed the ticket to his wife. They were both in disbelief.

“Once we realized it was really a $1 million win, we started going crazy,” said the winner’s wife, a nursing home employee. The winner and his wife quickly shared the news with their three children, who were just as excited as their parents. At this point, the winner and his wife, who dubbed themselves “Millionaire Charly” after the family pet, have not decided what they are going to do with their prize, according to lottery officials.

Once again, E&C Mid-Atlantic is a winner as well. The retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery for selling the top-prize-winning ticket.

But is the Washingtonian location truly a lucky spot?

“We have a lot of superstitious players,” said Carole Gentry, Managing Director of Communications for Maryland Lottery and Gaming. “When players hear that a store has sold a big ticket, and if more than one big winning ticket is sold at a retailer, they will think of that as a ‘lucky store.’ It ends up increasing traffic in the store and ends up being great publicity for the retailer.”

However, Gentry explains that the winning scratch-off lottery is truly a matter of luck. “It is completely random. It is a random distribution of winning tickets in the print run, and it is randomly distributed to the retailers. It is the luck of the draw. Do we have retailers that sell a big winning ticket and end up selling other big winners? Yes.”

Gentry said she that the Maryland Lottery has seen the same store sell multiple high jackpot tickets in the past, but she was unsure if any had ever sold more than one, $1 million winners before. “I don’t know how often that happens with million dollar winners, but we have definitely had that happen with $100,000 winners more than once. It is the pure luck of the draw.”

Gentry explained that the Maryland Lottery does not know or control when or where a high jackpot ticket is sold until the prize is claimed. ’We have no idea when and where these winning tickets are going to show up,” said Gentry. “Unlike with the big national online games like MegaMillion or PowerBall, if a store sells a winning scratch-off ticket we have to wait until the winner comes forward to claim their prize, with the national games, like PowerBall, the system can pinpoint and tell us where the winning ticket was sold.”

The Lottery’s Win Big game launched in November had seven $1 million top prizes, and five top prizes remain unclaimed, along with 12 $50,000 prizes, 48 $10,000 prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000. The first Win Big top prize was sold 13 miles away from the Washingtonian Convenience Store at a High’s store in New Market in Frederick County back on January 10.

“When we have these million dollar winners it is very exciting,” said Gentry.


Top: The Washingtonian convenience store at the corner of Germantown Road and Frederick Road is going to have to get a new banner, one that reads "We sold TWO $1,000,000 Winners" after a Gaithersburg man won earlier this month.

Next: The store a has become a lucky lottery hot spot selling two $1 million willing scratch-off tickets in 2018.

Next: “Millionaire Charly” after the family pet, is the unidentified Gaithersburg man who purchased the winning $1 million ticket at the Washingtonian Convenience Store on March 8.

Next In January, a Germantown housekeeper purchased a Cash Explosion instant ticket at the Washingtonian Convenience Store and cleaned up by winning $1 million.

Next: There are still five $1 million Win Big tickets available for lucky players.

Photos courtesy Maryland Lottery.

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