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Cell Phone Connections Lead Detectives to Arrest Two Men for Falling Water Circle Murder

March 12, 2018

Two Silver Spring men have been arrested in connection with the murder of a Germantown man in December.

   Montgomery County Police have charged Kairee Deyonte Dorsey, 27, of the 13600 block of Sir Thomas Way in Silver Spring, and Christopher Arthur Breeden Jr., 23, of the 11200 block of Lockwood Drive in Silver Spring, for the homicide of 18-year-old Andrew Turner of Germantown back on December 16, 2017.

   Police were called to the 129000 block of Falling Water Circle for the report of someone being shot at 4:35 pm on Saturday, Dec. 16.

   According to court documents, investigators determined that Turner had been selling marijuana and had recently received a large quantity of pot. Turner had been in contact with Breeden via Snapchat. According to the court documents, Breeden’s Snapchat handle was “marriedtomaryja.”

   Detectives believe based on text messages between Turner and a close friend, that Turner was concerned about being set up for a robbery before his murder. According to the application for a warrant for Breeden’s arrest, Turner had texted a friend saying that he had never met the people, he was about to sell a half-pound of marijuana to, but they were from either “PG or the city.” Turner texted that he believed he was possibly being “set up.”

   Court documents indicate that Turner had stepped out of his apartment to meet with an individual whom he was waiting on. While he was outside of the apartment, Turner was shot and stumbled back into the apartment, suffering from a gunshot wound. Police recovered a spent .357 Magnum caliber shell casing at the scene of the homicide.

   Detectives began to monitor the “marriedtomaryja” Snapchat account and connected the account to Breeden. Once investigators had Breeden’s phone number, they could go back and investigate at his cellular history.

   On the day of the murder, at 3:09 pm, Breeden’s phone connected to cell towers in Silver Spring. Later that day, the phone was connected to a cell tower which serves the scene of the homicide at 12909 block of Falling Water Circle, court documents said.

   Investigators also learned that Breeden had connected to another cell phone just prior to Turner’s murder. That phone belonged to Kairee Dorsey, whose “criminal history includes multiple arrests for auto thefts, armed robberies, First and Second Degree Assaults, Concealing Dangerous weapons, escape, resisting arrest and other charges,” said court documents.

   An investigation into Dorsey’s cellular history showed that he too, was in Silver Spring at 3:09 pm on the day of the murder and his phone also traveled to Germantown at was pinged at the cell tower serving the murder scene at 3:54 pm.

   According to court documents, Breeden’s Snapchat account “marriedtomaryja” sent a message to Turner saying “I am at the building” at 4:32 pm on the day of the murder.

   Both phones remained on the Germantown cell tower until 4:27 pm, according to court documents.

   At the time of the murder, multiple witnesses described seeing two black males running away from the victim's building and towards a vehicle parked a few apartment buildings away. Approximately 20 minutes after the shooting, both phones connected to towers in the Rockville I Derwood area, according to court documents.

   Based on the information that both suspects were in the vicinity of Falling Water Circle at the time of the murder, police began surveillance of both men.

   On February 28, Dorsey was arrested during a traffic stop and ultimately charged with wearing, carrying and transporting a handgun, possession of Oxycodone, possession of counterfeit United States currency, and other charges related to firearms and drug possession.

    That arrest allowed investigators to obtain a search warrant for Dorsey’s apartment in Silver Spring where detectives found two spent .357 Magnum caliber shell casings on the balcony of the apartment. The MCPD Firearms Examination Unit determined that the casings found at the apartment in Silver Spring were fired by the same gun which investigators believe was used to kill Turner in Germantown.

   On March 2, detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Breeden charging him with one count of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Breeden was arrested on Wednesday, March 7 in Columbia, MD and transported to the Central Processing Unit. Breeden is currently being held without bond.

   On March 8, detectives obtained an arrest warrant charging Dorsey with one count of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. He was served with the warrant, while in custody of the Montgomery County Department of Corrections. Dorsey is scheduled for bond review at the Rockville District Court on Tuesday, March 13 at 1:00 pm.

   The shooting death of Andrew Turner was part of a particularly violent winter which rocked Germantown. It came in the middle of a rash of gun violence which rang out in Germantown over a four-week span from December 12 and to January 3. On Tuesday, Dec 12, two men were shot outside of the McDonald’s restaurant at 19660 Gunners Branch Road and on Wednesday, Jan. 3 Maurice Mercer Cortez was killed in the 12500 block of Cross Ridge Way in Germantown. Police continue to investigate both of those incidents.



Top: Montgomery County Police outside of the apartment where Andrew Turner was shot and killed on December 16, 2017. Police have arrested two Silver Spring men in connection with that homicide. Photo by Germantown Pulse.   

Next: The suspects in the killing of Andrew Turner, Kairee Deyonte Dorsey and Christopher Arthur Breeden Jr. Photos courtesy MCPD.




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