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Police Called to 'Haunted House' After Neighbor Complains of Bonfire

In what was certainly not an ordinary call, officers from the 5th District in Germantown were called to a local residence yesterday after neighbors called 9-1-1 to report that a man was running through a bonfire and conducting “some sort of ritual” in his backyard.

At about 8:30 am on Wednesday, March 7, Montgomery County police dispatchers sent officers to an address on Mill House Court in Germantown.

Germantown Pulse has learned that the fire was out by the time police arrived at the location, but officers located a man sitting in the house chanting while wearing burned clothing and singed hair. He explained to officers that the house was haunted and he was conducting a ritual to expel the spirits from the house. His clothing and hair were singed but, he was uninjured.

Montgomery County Police spokesman Rick Goodale confirmed that officers transported the man to a local hospital to have an Emergency Evaluation Petition for a mental evaluation completed.

Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services also responded to the location for the report of a fire. A fire marshal was called because the fire was intentionally set, however, no charges are pending.

It is unclear if the spirits have moved on or remain in the dwelling.

File photo by Germantown Pulse.

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