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OP-ED: Sandy Hook, Parkland and Our Community

Since the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut six years ago, there have been a number of other school shooting incidents in the United States in which people have been killed and injured. The latest came last week in Parkland, Florida.

Both as a candidate and, hopefully, in the future, as a Member of Congress, I can support common sense restrictions and increased background checks and enforcement, as long as such measures are properly defined and do not restrict the constitutional 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. I also support addressing the legal issues that currently prevent the public sector or even family members from taking measures to restrain persons who clearly pose a threat to public safety. Finally, there are technology advances in development that can help speed the arrival of and situational awareness of police departments in the event of a shooter. All these improvements, however, will take time to implement.

There are several options that could immediately improve the security of any school and should be instituted now.