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Kayaker Rescued from Ice on Clopper Lake

A kayaker who was using a kayak to retrieve a drone which had crashed on the ice covering Clopper Lake in Seneca Creek State Park had to be retrieved himself after the kayak got stuck in the lake and was surrounded by ice.

MCFRS units were called to the state park on Clopper Road at about 11:40 am Tuesday morning for a man stuck on the ice. “The man was a drone operator, and his drone went down in the middle of the lake and landed on the ice,” said MCFRS senior spokesman Pete Piringer. “He was good 20- 30-feet out there. MCFRS personnel threw him a line and rigged up a way pull him back to shore.”

MCFRS responded with Swift Water teams and boat crews, however, none were deployed on the ice, which was very unstable and unpredictable due to the unseasonably warm air temps in the upper 50s.

The man was not injured. While the kayak may have fallen through the ice, the man remained relatively dry. “We are not sure if he ever did get his drone,” said Piringer.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article misidentified the lake as Lake Seneca. The lake in Seneca Creek State Park is Clopper Lake. Germantown Pulse apologizes for any confusion.


Top: An adult male had to be rescued from the ice on Lake Seneca after using a kayak in an attempt to retrieve a downed drone.

Next: MFRS personnel threw him a rope and hauled him off the unstable ice. He was not injured.

Photos courtesy MCFRS.