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Discovery Communications Leaving Montgomery County Should Not Affect Maryland SoccerPlex

Earlier this week, it was announced that Discovery Communications is selling its Silver Spring building and heading to New York. While that news sent shockwaves through the entire County, in Germantown folks began to wonder about the Discovery Sports Center which is located in the Maryland SoccerPlex. How, if at all, would the move impact that location?

Thankfully, according to Trish Heffelfinger, Executive Director of the Maryland SoccerPlex, the move will not have any impact. “I don’t think it will affect us much at all. While Discovery is the name of the building it has not been a funded sponsorship for many years. We have remained the Discovery Sports Center, partly for branding but mostly out of respect and gratitude to the Hendricks Family for their support of the SoccerPlex. The stadium is named Maureen Hendricks Field,” said Heffelfinger. “I don’t know exactly what will happen now.”

Maureen Hendricks and her husband John played a vital role in funding and organizing the creation of the Maryland SoccerPlex, which opened in October 2000. They wanted a place for their daughter, Elizabeth, and the rest of the community to be able to play on well-maintained fields in a professional environment. John, the founder and chairman of Discovery Communications, was a catalyst for the initial planning, taking a leadership role in negotiations with the Montgomery County local government and Maryland Soccer Foundation.