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5th District Police Commander Addresses Recent Rash of Violence in Germantown

To use the parlance of today’s youth, Germantown has been “lit” as of late. The community has endured a spate of violent crime over the last four weeks including two murders, a shooting, and three armed robberies — all of which have been separate incidents occurring in various and random areas of town.

The Germantown Pulse sat down with Montgomery County Police Capt. Mark Plazinski, the Commander of the 5th District – Germantown to discuss the recent uptick in violent crime. Capt. Plazinski took over the 5th District in May of 2017.

Plazinski is a 23-year veteran of the Montgomery County Police Department. He previously served as Director of MCPD’s Criminal Investigations Division, which is comprised of several sections responsible for investigating a wide range of property crimes and crimes against persons. The Criminal Investigations Division includes the detective sections in all six police districts, as well as the Financial Crimes Section, the Central Auto Crimes Section, and MCPD’s Crime Lab.

Germantown Pulse: Are the recent shootings and homicides related? Is there a turf battle between rival crews happening in Germantown?

Capt. Plazinski: We are not operating under the impression that this is a big gang war breaking out in Germantown. These are specific individual beefs between people, and they could be over a girl, or drugs, or anything. However, these people are using a firearm to settle these disputes — disputes that historically might have been handled with a fistfight. Now, these people are armed with a firearm, and the disputes become much more dangerous and deadly.

Germantown Pulse: Has Germantown become more violent or is this sort of thing cyclical? Does it come in waves and eases up after a time?

Capt. Plazinksi: We have experienced two homicides in close time proximity to each other. But, we have to keep in mind that we have so few of them when you look at the number of people that are living in Germantown and Montgomery County the homicide rate is still low. A murder is a horrific thing. It is a tragedy beyond words for the family and the victims, and the community, but those are