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Members of Germantown Street Gang Indicted on Attempted Murder Charges

The usual peace and quiet of a dead-end street in Germantown was shattered one afternoon in September by the sound of gunshots, as the specter of drugs, gangs and violence — which seems to be ever increasing in Germantown — came crashing in on a residential neighborhood on a Tuesday afternoon.

The violence that took place on the dead end of Weybridge Lane in Germantown led to a hit and run accident, a shootout, one man being shot in the stomach, and three men indicted for attempted murder.

This morning, Friday, December 15, three Germantown men — 20-year-old Joseph Anthony Brown, 19-year-old Jaison Williams, and 21-year-old Tyron Resean McCann — appeared in Montgomery County Circuit Court in front of Judge Robert Greenberg for a scheduling hearing. In November, all three were indicted on charges of Attempted Second-Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, and other charges.

Court documents obtained by Germantown Pulse, tell the story of that September afternoon. It began at about 2:15 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 12 the three men went to a townhouse in the 19100 block Weybridge Lane with the intention to steal drugs from the occupants. Court documents state that the townhouse had already been under police surveillance for possible drug activity.

Police believe that the men, Brown and Williams — who are tied to a local criminal street gang known to police as the One Way Gang — went to the townhouse in a gold Honda Pilot SUV, while McCann remained with vehicle. They were invited into the dwelling by one of the occupants. According to court documents, Brown, who is known as “Joe Joe,” and Williams, who is known as “GBaby” or “G30”, and a male resident were talking in the foyer area of the unit. The two men demanded marijuana and did not want to pay for it. At this point, according to court documents, both Brown and Williams produced handguns and attempted to force their way further into the dwelling and rob the man.

The court documents say, Williams then fired a shot at the occupant which missed but became lodged into the wall behind him. At this point, the second occupant of the townhouse, who had been at the top of the steps on the second floor fired a number rounds from a .22 caliber rifle. One of the rounds struck Williams in the abdomen.

Police later found three bullet holes in the foyer area of the townhouse, two consistent with a .22 caliber rifle and one larger bullet hole in the garage wall, according to court documents.

After the gunfire from the second floor Brown and Williams fled the townhouse. They were spotted by a neighbor running away from the house and entering a gold Honda Pilot, said court documents. Police believe that Tyron McCann was behind the wheel of the SUV. McCann had been waiting one block over on Cider Barrel Drive, according to court documents. At 2:41 pm a citizen reported to police that she had just witnessed a hit-and-run accident on Cider Barrel Drive. She told police that she watched two 20-something males come running from the direction of the sound of the gunshots and get into the gold SUV. She then watched the SUV “reverse straight back down Cider Barrel Drive… at a high rate of speed” and strike the driver’s side door of a Mini Cooper parked at the intersection of Cider Barrel Drive and Regents Park Drive.