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Op-Ed: The Ongoing Sexual Harassment Conversation

I have up to this point refrained from joining in on the national conversation about the treatment of women, up to and including sexual harassment. However, having been female in a largely male professional world most of my life (in national security), I truly understand the issues. I don’t need to get into anything personal here, nor attack any particular male colleague, but I truly understand the atmospherics and actions that have been widely reported.

As I think about it more, I’m struck by the fact that, according to the Census Bureau, women make up 49.2 percent of the U.S. population, 51.6 percent of registered voters, and 53.6 percent of actual voters in 2016. But women comprise only 19.6 percent of the members of Congress – zero percent of the Maryland Congressional delegation.

The sexual abuse stories of the past several weeks have one common denominator whether Hollywood, business or politics: men in positions of power prey on women of limited or no power. While a lot needs to change in terms of the culture in professions where men dominate today, one solution is clearly to ensure that we have more women in power.

I’m not suggesting that women be promoted into positions of power as tokens – what I’m suggesting is that qualified and competent women be accorded the respect and promotion that men have and that we ensure more equality of opportunity and stature. (One of the common sayings among women is that we will all be satisfied with the progress of women when the “average” women do as well professionally as the “average” men!)

Amie Hoeber is a resident of Potomac, who is Republican candidate running to represent the 6th District in Maryland in the United States Congress. Hoeber is a national security expert, business leader and women’s advocate.


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