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Pepper Spray Incident at Seneca Valley Sends 13 to Hospital

Somebody sprayed pepper spray in a girls’ bathroom at Seneca Valley High School this on Monday afternoon. The incident sent 13 people to local hospitals suffering the effects of inhaling the pepper spray.

According to Seneca Valley High School Principal Marc Cohen, the incident began shortly after noon. “During the lunch shift there was a very strong smell coming from one of the bathrooms in our math wing,” said Cohen. “A couple of kids came into the health room reporting that they felt some congestion in their chest. The smell was pretty strong, and it seemed to us to be pepper spray. Because smell was permeating through that entire side of the building and our entire math wing was reporting that they could smell it and feel it. We decided to evacuate the building to make sure that everyone was safe.”

The building was evacuated with almost the entire school moving down to the lower field which is not part of the construction site for the new high school. The evacuation site is at the northeast corner of the school property, at the intersection of Middlebrook Road and Great Seneca Highway.