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The Number of Germantown BB Gun Vandalism Incidents Expands, Includes RideOn Buses

The number of BB gun vandalism attacks in the Germantown area continues to grow, as tonight Montgomery County Police have released a full listing of the attacks, which police now says includes RideOn buses in the Germantown area.

As the Germantown Pulse first reported back on Nov. 1, since late September there have been more than two dozen instances of BB gun vandalism at restaurants and retail establishments in the Germantown Town Center area.

Montgomery County Police have released a list of 26 incidents were windows have been shot out of both commercial retail or restaurant establishments and RideOn Buses, since September 26, when the windows of Mattress Warehouse store in the Germantown Town Square Shopping Plaza at 12619 Wisteria Drive were shot with BBs, with the most recent taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 8 when BBs shot into windows of a RideOn Bus at the intersection of Wisteria Drive and Winterspoon Lane.

Since that incident, there have been 25 incidents of BB gun vandalism, including the shooting of 17 windows at Northwest High School over the weekend of Oct. 29.

The complete list of incidents follows, at least three businesses have been targeted more than once:

  • October 3

  • Dairy Queen located at 12603 Wisteria Drive.

  • October 6

  • Dairy Queen located at 12603 Wisteria Drive.

  • Taco Bell located at 19923 Century Boulevard.