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BlackRock Exhibit Features Art Created From Remnants of Decaying Structures

Creating environments to support photographic images of sites found in a state of dereliction, Cedric Williams observes the ways in which buildings, surfaces and structures change upon abandonment.

Fascinated with erosion, his most recent work focuses on the decay at three sites: an abandoned slate quarry in North Wales, a now demolished cement factory in Maryland, and World War II remains washed up on the coast of Delaware.

Using wood panels, cardboard, or vellum as his base, Williams adds plaster, sand, gravel, dried roots, rusted metal, cloth, broken glass, corrugated cardboard, and other materials to gain texture and depth as he constructs mixed media collages that include photographs of deteriorating sites. Including dried organic materials and found objects, which he sometimes collects from the actual sites, the artist regards these materials as an extension of the photographic images, enabling him to more fully reference the processes of aging and decay.

Williams, who was born in Llangollen, North Wales, earned his BFA at Gloucestershire College of Art and Design, has always used photographs and paintings to periodically catalogue the decay of different sites that have interested him during his lifetime.

In recent years he has begun to explore the possibilities of utilizing photographic images in a new way. Rather than just framing his photographic prints for exhibitions, he began placing them in settings he considered to be compatible with the images. In the studio, Williams has introduced a variety of different methods and materials to build environments that support his photographic images.

For his solo exhibition, entitled “Derelcition,” Williams has displayed 22 mixed media works from three different series in the Terrace Gallery at BlackRock.