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Northwest High School Latest Target in String of BB Gun Vandalism

Northwest High School was vandalized over the weekend on Oct. 29 by someone shooting BBs and damaging 17 windows throughout the building.

The school was just latest building to be targeted by an individual or group of individuals who have been shooting out windows of retail establishments in Germantown over the last two months, according to 5th District –Germantown MCPD Commander Mark Plazinski.

Since late September there have been more than a dozen instances of BB gun vandalism at restaurants and retail establishments in the Germantown Town Center area and Northwest is just latest to be targeted, according to Plazinski. He said this weekend’s damage at Northwest marked the first time a school was targeted.

In letter sent to parents by Northwest High School Principal Jimmy D’Andrea, he said that 17 windows throughout the building were shattered by BBs over the weekend. He explained that only the outer-panes of the double-paned windows were shattered. It does not appear that any of the inner panes were damaged.

D’Andrea said vandalism was rare a occurrence at the the high school. “I have worked in the Northwest community for more than 10 years, and there has never been vandalism like this during that time,” he said.