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Charter Review Commission to Mull Possible Changes to Council Make-Up at Public Hearing

The Montgomery County Charter Review Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 7:00 pm at the Council Office Building in Rockville to get suggestions from County residents about possible amendments to the Montgomery County Charter.

The Charter Review Commission is the body which is charged with reviewing and reporting on possible changes to the Montgomery County Charter. The 11-member panel will hear suggestions from the public at the hearing.

CRC is currently considering include amendments that would alter the number of at-large and district seats on the Montgomery County Council, changing the method of selection for the County’s Redistricting Commission, and providing for the direct election by the voters of the Council President, who would serve a four-year term. Residents can also testify about any other issues concerning the County Charter.

Among the suggestions are possible changes to the changing the make-up of the County Council. Currently, the nine-member Council has five districts representatives and four At-large members. One suggested change the Charter Review Commission is considering is having the County Council be constituted by seven district representatives and two At-large members.