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5th District Deputy Commander Honored with National Military Meritorious Service Award

Last month, Lieutenant Jae Hwang, 5th District Deputy Commander, was awarded the National Image, Inc.’s Military Meritorious Service Award for promoting core values exemplifying outstanding service in his branch of service and community.

National IMAGE Inc. is a national Hispanic organization established in 1971 whose mission is to empower Hispanics through leadership development by advocating for employment, education and civil rights.

The award honors military members and military and civilian personnel who supported the DOD mission, whose attributes best epitomized the qualities and the core values of their respective military service or agency.

While serving as a police lieutenant in Montgomery County, Hwang is also a commissioned officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG), United States Army Reserve. Captain Jae Hwang is a Judge Advocate in Administrative and Civil Law at the Communications and Electronics Command at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, in Harford County.

“Lt. Hwang does an incredible job for the citizens of Montgomery County and the residents of the 5th District,” said fellow 5th District Deputy Commander, Lt. Jim Brown. “He is an attorney with JAG in the military. He’s been recognized for his fluency in Spanish. The award is very well deserved.”

Hwang advanced through the ranks of the Montgomery County Police Department as a patrol officer, and was appointed to the chief’s office as a Detective Sergeant, Internal Affairs, handling investigations and allegations of misconduct. He was later promoted and assigned to the 5th District as Deputy Commander.

According to the award citations, “He speaks three languages fluently, English, Spanish and Korean, and is teaching himself to speak Japanese. He performs his duties with excellence and has selflessly consulted with and represented numerous service members pro bono in contested legal matters where all cases were honorably resolved. Captain Hwang’s dedication to duty and selfless