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County Takes Steps to Address Climate Change, Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Last week the County took a number of steps to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gases.

On Tuesday the County Council unanimously approved Executive Regulation 21-15 AMII, which adopts the International Green Construction Code (IgCC) establishing green building code requirements and on Wednesday Montgomery County became the first county in the nation to join the Subnational Global Climate Leadership (“Under2”) Coalition. The coalition is an international pact of cities, states and countries committed to limiting the increase in global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius, the level of potentially catastrophic consequences to the environment.

"Now, more than ever, jurisdictions need to redouble their efforts to address climate change,” said County Executive Isiah Leggett. “We have many forward-thinking and concerned residents and businesses in Montgomery County who understand the urgency of this issue. We are proud to join the growing international coalition seeking to reduce the risks to the environment and the economy from climate change.”

With adoption of the IgCC, Montgomery County establishes a baseline requirement that new, non-residential construction and additions of 5,0