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County’s Response to Germantown Pulse Editorial on Cell Phone Antenna Meetings

To the Editor;

About the Community Small Antenna/Cell Tower Meeting Editorial of Sept. 19 titled "County Pulls Fast One with Small Cell Antenna Meetings"

First, I would like to apologize to the community for the lack of adequate notice for the Small Antennas/Cell Towers meeting on September 19. Because of an oversight on our part, we failed to get the word out about the meeting in a timely manner. There was nothing “sneaky” about it as the Germantown Pulse claims. It was a mistake, and one we intend to rectify.

That is why at the start of the meeting, we acknowledged our error, and promised the community that we would hold another meeting in October. We have now scheduled that meeting on October 23 at the County Council Office Building in the 3rd Floor Hearing Room - 100 Maryland Avenue, Rockville MD 20850. To further inform the community, the meeting will be televised.

However, the Pulse never tried to contact us to ask about the short notice or more importantly, the subject of the meeting – Small Antennas/Cell Towers. Instead, they labelled us sneaky and wrote an inaccurate attention-grabbing headline. They also did not publish a story about the meeting to inform the community about how the coming changes in Small Antenna/Cell tower technology may affect neighborhoods, and how the County is attempting to ensure that the residential communities are protected by passing the ZTA.

I also want to correct a reporting error in the Germantown Pulse’s editorial. The meeting held in October 2016 at Ridgeview Middle School in Gaithersburg was not the most recent meeting on Small Antennas/Cell Towers as they repor