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County Council Invokes Paris Climate Accord in Resolution to End M83 Debate

As promised in May, the Montgomery County Council has introduced a resolution which would direct the Planning Board to ignore the possibility of M83 ever being built. The resolution makes that case that the M83, also known as the MidCounty Highway, should not be built because of Montgomery County’s support of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Yes, that Paris Climate Agreement. The one that President Donald Trump had removed the United States from participating in back in May.

The resolution is sponsored by At-Large Councilmember Hans Riemer and co-sponsored by President Roger Berliner and the three other At-Large Councilmembers Mark Elrich, Nancy Navarro, and George Leventhal. It was introduced as part of the Council’s Consent Agenda at Tuesday’s regular Council meeting.

The resolution was not read at the meeting and no Councilmembers commented on the resolution. It was approved for introduction as part of the Consent Calendar, among six other items introduced at the meeting, as is the Council’s custom.

The resolution begins by talking about the lack of transportation options for folks living in the Germantown/Clarksburg area. Its states, “Mobility for Upcounty residents is limited due to congestion and a lack of public transportation alternatives” but goes on point out that there has been “no clear consensus to extend Midcounty Highway to the north, yet master plans have assumed the availability of such an extension.”

It goes on to state, “Montgomery County is committed to protecting our environment and doing our part to stem the carbon emissions that are driving global climate change.” It points to the Council’s adoption of a resolution in June to reaffirm Montgomery County’s commitment to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. Those goals include, reducing County-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent reduction every 5 years through 2050.