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Germantown Pulse Re-Launches a New & Improved ‘The Hub’ Community Calendar

Back in June, the Germantown Pulse launched the Hub – Community Calendar for all things happening in and around the Germantown/Clarksburg area, things went pretty well until the third-party company we were using just stopped supporting their application, and the Hub stopped working two weeks ago.

“I was really very happy when the original Hub debuted, and I was disappointed and frustrated when it stopped working,” said Kevin O’Rourke founder of the Germantown Pulse. “After many man hours and much trial and error over the last two weeks, I feel that we now have a sustainable and much-improved Hub Community Calendar to offer our readers and community leaders.”

The new Hub page looks a bit different from the other Germantown Pulse pages. It is a little cleaner and has more functionality than the previous Hub page.

“The new and improved Hub gives us more options to highlight events and let folks know what is happening in the community in a way the old page could never allow us to do. It is much more robust and it truly a community calendar,” said O’Rourke.

“As I said back in June, I’ve wanted a robust online calendar into the Germantown Pulse since the day it went live. I thought I had found a workable solution in June. I was wrong. However, I am much happier with the new and improved Hub than I ever was with what was offered in six weeks ago.”

The new and improve Hub will allow community members the ability to populate the Hub with events for a $15 fee, which can be paid directly through the new Hub through PayPal. The new Hub also allows for Featured Events which will be given special shout outs via the Pulse’s Social Media platforms, and through special graphics on the Hub itself. The charge to post Featured Event is $30.

Events can be submitted by using our The Hub Event Submission Page or by emailing Calendar@GermantownPulse.net. Events must be submitted by the Sunday, at least two weeks before the event. The Hub be updated every Monday. This allows for maximum time to promote the event on The Hub.

Please be sure to include all the details for the event including, the title (required) , date, venue, time, location (with a specific address), the name of the hosting organization, a phone number (required), an email address (required), a website, any cost, a short description of the event, and a photo or logo.

Submitters may pay via PayPal to Kevinor@germantownpulse.net, or by check made out to Germantown Pulse and sent to P.O. Box 305, 13017 Wisteria Drive, Germantown, MD, 20874. Payment must be received within five (5) business days of submitting the Hub listing. Any listing which has not be paid for after five (5) days will be deleted, and the organization will not be permitted to post events in the future. Germantown Pulse reserves the right to refuse to publish any event.