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David Trone Wants to Be Your Congressman, And So Do Three Other Democratic Hopefuls

Days after Germantown’s currently seated Congressional Representative, former businessman, and Potomac resident John Delaney, announced that he no longer wanted to be your Congressman, but instead will run for President of the United States; another businessman and Potomac resident announced that he does want to be your Congressman.

Today entrepreneur and philanthropist David Trone announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress in Maryland’s 6th District today in a video posted on his website. The news comes after Delaney said that he would not seek re-election in 2018 to concentrate on his presidential run in the 2020 election cycle.

In his announcement, Trone pledged to continue the work of Democratic Congressman John Delaney. “John is a good friend and a great Representative,” said Trone. “With your help I’ll pick up right where John leaves off.”

Trone detailed his opposition to Trump administration policies, saying that he would oppose attempts to gut healthcare, women’s rights, education, environmental protections, and Social Security. “This isn’t a time to stand on the sidelines,” said Trone.

He went on to emphasize that “fighting to protect things isn’t enough” and laid out a positive agenda that includes increasing funding for the National Institutes of Health, infrastructure improvements including I-270 and I-81, and creating jobs in every part of the 6th District.

The announcement ends months of speculation as to which political office Trone would be running for in 2018. He let it be known that he was considering running for either Montgomery County Executive or the 6th Congressional seat held by Delaney. Although, most expected Delaney would seek the Governor’s seat not the seat in the Oval Office.

Trone also emphasized the need to help people in rural parts of the 6th District. He grew up on a family farm cleaning hog and chicken pens and showing animals as a member of the 4H. His family struggled to keep the operation afloat, and the farm eventually went bankrupt. “I grew up on a family farm, and I understand their challenges, and I’ll fight to protect that way of life,” said Trone.

Once again, the wealthy Trone has pledged not be influenced by special interests; Trone said that he wouldn't take money from corporations, PACs, or lobbyists. “I don’t want to be their Congressman; I want to be yours.”

This is Trone’s second attempt at winning a seat in the House of Representatives. Many will remember that he ran for the District 8 seat, formerly held by now Senator Christopher Van Hollen. Last spring, Trone came in second and lost in the Democratic primary to Jamie Raskin.

In 2016, Trone spent more than $13 million on his unsuccessful Democratic primary campaign for Maryland's 8th congressional district, setting a record for the most expensive self-funded House campaign.

Other Montgomery County Democrats have announced that they are running for Delaney’s seat, State Delegate Bill Frick of Bethesda and State Senator Roger Manno.

According to his website, Bill Frick is a lawyer, legislator, and dad. “As the Majority Leader in the Maryland House of Delegates,” said the campaign website. “Bill has successfully championed legislation to rein in corporate welfare, promote clean energy, and help lower-income workers save for retirement. In his ten years in Annapolis, he has been part of historic votes to increase the minimum wage, enact marriage equality, support DREAM kids and repeal the death penalty. As a United States Congressman, Bill will continue to be a force for Democratic values — protecting consumers, expanding economic opportunity, promoting social justice and safeguarding the environment.”

Manno, from Silver Spring, also announced today via Twitter that he would be running for the Democratic nomination in the 6th District. On his website, he talks about healthcare and equal opportunity for all. “I turned 51 in April, and just survived cancer. It’s not because of luck that I’m healthy today. It’s health insurance. It’s simple math and economics. This fight for equality of opportunity is among America’s greatest challenges today. It begins with a good job, benefits, and a level playing field. And if you get sick, lose your job, or just need some help along the way, you deserve a system that’s fair and built for everyone – and someone to stand up for you and your family.”

Now folks that live in the 6th District might want to take note that the only Democratic candidate that actually lives in the 6th District is Darnestown’s, Aruna Miller. She is State Delegate Aruna Miller from District 15. A civil engineer, Miller, filed the paperwork with the Federal Election Commission back in May. The Baltimore Sun reported that Miller had already raised in excess of $350,000. According to the Sun, the money was raised entirely from donors and none if was Miller’s personal funding. With Trone in the race now, she may need a lot more.

In his video, Trone highlighted his experience creating Total Wine & More, a company he grew from one store to 172 stores in 22 states. Over 500 work at the company headquarters in Bethesda. He shared his belief that “life’s purpose is to make things better” and emphasized his record of doing that in business. Total Wine & More has some of the highest wages and best benefits in the retail industry. They also invest in team members by paying for them to earn their GEDs and have a pilot program that offers a four-year college degree paid for by the company.

Trone and his wife June are celebrating their 30th year of marriage. Their four children are young adults.

The Trone family has an extensive record of charitable giving. Over the last three years alone, Total Wine & More’s charitable donations totaled almost $20 million to 7,000 local organizations. David and his wife June have donated millions more through their foundation, including a recent contribution to Suburban Hospital in Montgomery County to help expand treatment for mental health and addiction.

The family has also been among the largest supporters of the ACLU for over 20 years. In recognition of David and June’s longtime support, the ACLU created the Trone Center for Justice and Equality.