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Parents and Community Members to Meet on Proposal for Cell Tower at Northwest

Parents and community members are encouraged to attend a special meeting at Northwest High School to learn about the proposal to place a telecommunication antenna on the roof of the school.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 18 at 7:00 pm in the media center of Northwest High School. Representatives from Montgomery County Public Schools as well as the applicant T-Mobile will providing information about proposed cell phone tower.

Last month, the Parent Teacher Student Association at Neelsville Middle School announced that they opposed the placing of a cell tower at the Germantown middle school by Verizon. The Neelsville PTSA asked that the application be withdrawn and the matter ended.

There are currently 11 Montgomery County Public Schools with cell towers; nine are located at high schools, one on a middle school— Tilden Middle School in Rockville, and one at an elementary school — Capt. James Daly Elementary in Germantown.

The cell towers that currently exist on MCPS properties are to generate nearly $900,000 in revenue each year. Revenue generated by the cell tower leases is split, one-third goes to the school where the tower is located. That money can be used at t