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Former Germantown Police Commander is a Finalist for Dallas Police Chief Post

He began his police career on the streets of Germantown in 1989, and later served as Commander of the 5th District in Germantown, and now Montgomery County Assistant Police Chief Luther Reynolds is one of the finalists to be Chief of Police in Dallas, Texas.

Reynolds is one of seven finalists who were in Dallas on Tuesday for a meet and greet with Dallas community leaders who will have some say in the final decision as to who will replace Chief David Brown, who retired in October.

Four outside candidates and three internal candidates are vying for the job. Two females for the first time are among the finalists.

The list of finalists includes Dallas Deputy Chiefs Malik Aziz and Rick Watson, Dallas Assistant Chief Gary Tittle, Seattle Deputy Chief Carmen Best, Detroit Deputy Chief Renee Hall, Los Angeles First Assistant Chief Michel Moore and Assistant Chief Luther Reynolds of Montgomery County, Maryland.

The candidates spent Tuesday being grilled by six different panels selected by Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax. Each of the candidates was scheduled to meet with Broadnax Wednesday. He will make the final selection.