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Berliner Joins Race for County Executive

“This is a big coalition, a winning coalition,” said County Councilmember Roger Berliner in formally announcing his candidacy for County Executive. “We are the ‘big tent’ campaign. We are the common ground. And together, with your help, we will lead this county forward.”

Berliner, who currently serves as Council President and represents District 1, made the announcement surrounded by family and friends at Owen’s Ordinary in the new Pike & Rose development in North Bethesda.

He is the third member of current County Council to throw his hat into the race. In March, at-large Councilmember Marc Elrich formally announced his plans to run for the County Executive seat, while at-large Councilmember George Leventhal has been open about his plans to run for the seat, it is expected Leventhal will make his formal announcement later this month.

Ike Leggett, the current County Executive, announced that he wasn’t going to seek a fourth term, before the November election in which County voters overwhelmingly approved a measure which would impose term limits on the County Executive job, as well as County Council seats.

Republican Robin Ficker, one of the driving forces behind the Term Limits referendum, has also filed to run for the County’s top job.

“Tonight, standing with my wife and partner, Karen, my daughter Jesse and my son Owen, and before friends and so many supporters, I declare my candidacy to be our next County Executive,” said Berliner.

Berliner acknowledged the work done by the man currently in the job he’s vying for, “As a result of Ike’s steady hand, we do not need to make Montgomery County Great Again. We are pretty darn good already. We are consistently ranked as one of the finest places in the country to live. And for good reason. That is not to say we should be satisfied. We shouldn’t be. We have a far, far higher ceiling as a community. We have potential that has yet to be tapped. Our county’s promise is far greater. And we will reach it together. By coming together.”

In his opening speech of the campaign, Berliner spoke of what are expected to be the main topics of the race at a countywide level, economic growth and development, education, and transportation.

When it comes to economic growth, he spoke of increasing economic opportunities f