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Driver Backs Over Man’s Foot at 7-Eleven

Montgomery County Police and Fire Rescue units were called to the parking lot of the Sunoco/7-Eleven store at the corner of Liberty Mill Road and Clopper Road in Germantown for the report of a pedestrian which had been struck at about 9:45 pm on Tuesday, June 7, 2017

Arriving units discovered an adult male, suffering injuries to his foot and leg after it was backed over by another vehicle. It seems the injured man was attempting to change a tire in the gas station/7-Eleven parking lot when another customer who had parked in the spot next to him came out of the store.

The man was laying on the ground changing his tire, as the customer began to back out of the parking spot and she ran over his foot, according to police.

Always make sure you double check that there is nothing behind you when backing out, and make sure that all of your limbs are accounted for when laying in the parking lot.

Caption: MCFRS EMS personnel tend to an adult male whose foot had been backed over by the driver of the vehicle parked next to him as he attempted to change a tire.

Photo by Germantown Pulse.

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