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Future Talk Show Host From Germantown Makes Debut on NBC’s "Little Big Shots"

Steve Harvey, the host of NBC’s "Little Big Shots," called then eight-year-old Brianne “America’s Youngest Reporter” when she taped the show last summer. However, the Germantown-resident and third grader at Capt. Daley Elementary School is super excited to have turned nine a few weeks ago.

“I am really excited about being nine because it is my last year of being a single digit number,” said the cub reporter who will appear on the episode of "Little Big Shots" which will air tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 31 at 8:00 pm.

Brianne wanted to be on the show after watching the first season last year, but she and her mother Shernet were faced with a pretty big problem the show is about kids with talent.

“I would tell my mom that I really wanted to be on that show, but my mom would tell me. ‘The problem is that you don’t really have a talent. You can’t sing, and you don’t dance,’” said Brianne. “And that was true at the time I didn’t even know how to rollerblade. (I didn’t know how to ice skate either, but I took ice skating classes after I did the show.) And I agreed with her because I don’t know how to do any of that stuff.”

“But I thought to myself, I am good at talking, and I am good at reporting, and I thought I could do that,” said Brianne who has been making YouTube videos since she was five years old. “We were surprised because the audition tape was due earlier than we sent it,” said Brianne. “We are sometimes late with some types of things. We did the tape like last minute on a Saturday night in late June last year.”

It turns out that she can talk and she has a delightful personality. Her mother s