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Future Talk Show Host From Germantown Makes Debut on NBC’s "Little Big Shots"

Steve Harvey, the host of NBC’s "Little Big Shots," called then eight-year-old Brianne “America’s Youngest Reporter” when she taped the show last summer. However, the Germantown-resident and third grader at Capt. Daley Elementary School is super excited to have turned nine a few weeks ago.

“I am really excited about being nine because it is my last year of being a single digit number,” said the cub reporter who will appear on the episode of "Little Big Shots" which will air tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 31 at 8:00 pm.

Brianne wanted to be on the show after watching the first season last year, but she and her mother Shernet were faced with a pretty big problem the show is about kids with talent.

“I would tell my mom that I really wanted to be on that show, but my mom would tell me. ‘The problem is that you don’t really have a talent. You can’t sing, and you don’t dance,’” said Brianne. “And that was true at the time I didn’t even know how to rollerblade. (I didn’t know how to ice skate either, but I took ice skating classes after I did the show.) And I agreed with her because I don’t know how to do any of that stuff.”

“But I thought to myself, I am good at talking, and I am good at reporting, and I thought I could do that,” said Brianne who has been making YouTube videos since she was five years old. “We were surprised because the audition tape was due earlier than we sent it,” said Brianne. “We are sometimes late with some types of things. We did the tape like last minute on a Saturday night in late June last year.”

It turns out that she can talk and she has a delightful personality. Her mother sent in an audition tape, and the producers knew they had someone that could potentially co-host the show with Steve Harvey. While the co-hosting gig didn’t work out, the producers saw something in the eight-year-old. Brianne and her mom did fly out to NBC Studios in California last summer and taped the show.

In the show, Brianne does a “news” segment centered on what the man on the street thinks about Steve Harvey. “They had me interviewing these people around Universal Studios. It was fun, but it was kind of tough because some of those folks some didn’t speak English very well,” said Brianne.

Steve Harvey hosts the feel-good, family-friendly series, executive produced by Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres, and goes toe to toe with them in hilarious conversations and interviews. In Brianne’s episode, Harvey is somewhat taken aback by Brianne’s interviewee’s responses to her questions. “Now that I look back on it and some of the people things that people said — he was pretty depressed about that fact that some folks didn’t know who he was.”

“He is really funny,” said Brianne, “He is just as funny and nice when he’s not on television. He is extremely nice and makes people comfortable. Although I have only met him once, I feel like he is a nice friend because he was very nice to me.”

“Brianne has always been a talker,” said her mother. “We were so excited when she was called to be on the show.” When the call came, Brianne was ready according to her mom; she had been practicing on the talk show set which they’d built in their basement of their Germantown home complete with chairs and a backdrop.

Aside from working toward a goal of hosting her own talk show, Brianne is also working to help out her fellow humans. She and her mother have started a Shoe Drive to raise money and shoes for impoverished children in her mom’s native Jamaica. “We are hoping to get 1,500 black shoes and send them to Old Harbor, Jamaica so that the children that live there can wear them to school. The school requires students to wear all black shoes, but not all children can afford the shoes. We want them to be able to get and education and be smart like me,” said the kid reporter.

Brianne will be on NBC’s Little Big Shots tomorrow night, Wednesday, May 31 at 8:00 pm. “Little Big Shots” will also showcase kids who took the Internet by storm with viral videos, guaranteeing lots of comedy and surprises in this engaging series that celebrates phenomenal children from all over the globe. “Little Big Shots” was the number 1 most-watched new series of last season in total viewers and the number 1-rated new alternative series in adults 18-49 when it premiered last spring. It was also the most-watched new alternative series (13.0 million for originals) on any Big 4 network in six years and the most-watched on NBC in 10 years.


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Photos and videos courtesy NBC Universal.