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Two Big Lottery Prizes Sold in Germantown

The Maryland Lottery reports that two major scratch-off lottery prizes were sold in Germantown earlier this month.

The first was sold to a Gaithersburg man who won a $100,000 top-prize after stopping at a Sunoco in Germantown. The unidentified winner, who dubbed himself “Maximum ‘5’” bought a Maximum Money scratch-off and followed his routine, scratching the numbers first on the $10 game. Next, he checked to see if any numbers matched and scratched off the amount under matching numbers to add up his prize. The last row of numbers on his instant ticket had one match but that was plenty.

“I was shocked to see $100,000 under the number 39 on my scratch off!” he said.

The happy 35-year-old immediately visited his mother to share the news. “Mom, I won! I won!” he shouted with excitement, according to the Maryland Lottery. When mother and son arrived at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the prize, they still could not believe the size of his lucky win.

“Maximum ‘5’ ” plans to share his winnings with him mom and his family. “I will buy my mom – my hero – a new car,” he said. “She works so hard, she deserves it and so much more.”

The lucky retailer also is a winner. The Middlebrook Sunoco located at 11606 Middlebrook Road in Germantown will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize scratch-off in the game.

The second lucky lottery scratch off was sold Cana Beer & Wine at 13505 Clopper Road in Germantown last week.

According the Maryland Lottery, a first-time scratch-off player from Germantown could not believe her beginner’s luck with a Maryland Lottery instant ticket appropriately named Pay Me!

The pharmacy supervisor is $50,000 richer. The 26-year-old was shopping for wine to celebrate Mother’s Day with her mom when she decided to buy her first scratch-off. Later, in a room packed with family members, friends, and loved ones, the shocked young woman scratched her way to the jaw-dropping $50,000 win.

“At first, I thought someone was playing a joke on me,” she said. “When I found out that the ticket was real, I was in complete disbelief. Not only did I win big but I won big on my first try. I love the Maryland Lottery.”

The very excited winner plans to spend some of her prize on a preplanned trip to her native country of Honduras. “I want to buy a summer home there as well,” she said. “I usually visit family and friends several times a year and now I’ll have a place to stay.”

For selling the top-prize scratch-off in the Pay Me! game, the lucky retailer is also a winner. The Lottery will give the store located in Germantown a $500 bonus.

Photos courtesy Maryland Lottery.