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Kitchen House Way Shooter Arrested After Killing Man in PG County

Montgomery County Police have arrested a second person involved in the quadruple shooting at a Germantown townhouse which left one man dead and three others suffering from gunshot wounds on April 29. However, police believe he is also responsible for the killing of another man in Prince Georges County on Wednesday, May 3.

On May 4, detectives from the MCPD Major Crimes Division issued a warrant for the arrest of Furl John Williams, age 24, of the 400 block of Brentwood Drive in Fort Washington, for the homicide of 19-year-old Amaru Amir Santos Johnson and the shooting of three other people in Germantown. Later that day on May 4, Williams was arrested by Prince Georges County Police in connection with the homicide which took place the night before at a Suitland gas station. Williams was turned over to Montgomery County and being held without bail.

Williams is the second suspect arrested in connection with this shooting. Earlier this week, MCPD announced the arrest of 23-year-old Clarksburg resident, Eric Anthony Lee. He was charged with first-degree murder and home invasion. According to court documents on Maryland Judicial Case Search, Lee had once lived at an address on Dairymaid Drive in Germantown which is which is about 2,000 feet from the townhouse where the shooting took place.

There seems to be some confusion as to Williams’ address. The official MCPD release states that his address in Fort Washington, however, the charging documents state that his address is the 18800 block McFarlin Drive in Germantown. While the Prince Georges County press release states “no fixed address.”

Officer Rick Goodale, a spokesman for MCPD, explained that sometimes a suspect will give police officers one address and court administrators a different address.

According to charging documents, Williams and Lee were the Kitchen House Way neighborhood at about midnight, an hour before the shooting. At about that time two female victims were accosted by two black suspects in the 20s, one armed with a handgun, as they left their vehicle and were walking toward the residence.

Charging documents state that one suspect, Williams, produced a handgun, took their bags, and gave them to a second suspect who proceeded to rummage through them. Williams placed the handgun to the victims’ heads on several occasions made them lie face down in the parking lot. “He repeated to the victims he did not want them to lose their life over this,” said the court documents.

Police believe that Williams and Lee took two female victims’ purses, wallets, keys, and a cell phone, and fled on foot but may have ultimately fled the area in a vehicle. The robbery victims fled to the home where the shooting ultimately occurred.

According to the charging documents, at least one people who would later be shot had witnessed some portion of the armed robbery. Another witness calls Amaru Johnson, known as “AJ” in the neighborhood and four other people to let them know that a robbery was taking place. Johnson and four others come to the residence, where the victims and witness discuss the robbery and determine that Eric “Little Eric” Lee was one of the men who committed the robbery.

Johnson then contacted “Little Eric” via SnapChat and told him to return to the scene and bring the stolen belongings back, said the charging documents.

According to police, shortly before 1:00 am on Saturday, April 29, Eric Lee and Furl Williams returned to the Kitchen House Way address, where Johnson and two other shooting victims were waiting outside. The charging documents state that Lee told police that it was Williams who walked up to the front of the residence and began “shooting in the direction of the victims.”

Police say that Williams immediately shot the first victim in the right femur and the adult male victim fell to the ground, as Johnson and another victim ran into the townhouse. The first victim heard more gunshots and scrambled to a neighbor’s house to get help. Police believe that Johnson was shot in the chest while in the front foyer of the townhouse, while two more adult female victims were also shot, one in the head and the other in the left leg.

Court documents state that the three remaining people in the residence fled out the back door and jumped off the balcony. Police believe that Williams fled through the front door, but before leaving, he pistol whipped the first shooting victim and asked “where the marijuana was” and fled.

Roughly, nine hours later that morning at 10:21 am on April 29, MCPD received a call about an illegally parked car at 13302 Queenstown Lane in Germantown. Police responded and discovered a blue 2009 Toyota Camry parked in front of “No Parking” sign. After a check, it was determined that the vehicle was stolen 12 days earlier during an armed carjacking in Prince Georges County on April 17, court documents reveal. Queenstown Lane is a little more than half-a-mile from the townhouse where the shooting took place.

While investigating the stolen vehicle, detectives discovered the purses, wallets, keys and the cell phone belonging to the two female victims of the armed robbery at the Kitchen House Way address. Investigators also discovered latent fingerprints in the driver’s side door of the stolen Toyota, according to court documents.

MCPD investigators determined that fingerprints belonged to Furl John Williams, whose criminal history includes arrests for robbery, theft, motor vehicle theft, and assault. As result of the discovery of the car and the fingerprints, two arrest warrants were issued on Tuesday, May 2, charging Williams with first-degree murder and home invasion, and as second charging him with two counts of armed robbery and theft of $1,000 to $10,000 for stealing the Toyota.

After the shootings, it seems Williams fled to Prince Georges County where on May 3, the day after Montgomery County issued the arrest warrants, Prince Georges County Police say he shot and killed a man who was pumping gas at an Exxon gas station in Suitland, MD.

A Prince Georges County Police Department press release states that on May 3, shortly after midnight, patrol officers responded to the gas station in the 4700 block of Silver Hill Road. The officers found the victim — 27-year-old Wayne Pope of Suitland — outside suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper torso. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The preliminary investigation reveals the victim had gone into the gas station to make a purchase. When he was returning to his car, the Williams approached him armed with a gun. Pope and Williams got into a struggle, and Williams shot the victim during that struggle and then stole his car.

Prince Georges County Police arrested Williams, but he in currently being held in Montgomery County where he is being held without bond.


Top: One of the victims, suffering non-life threatening injuries after being shot is wheeled to an MCFRS ambulance to be transported to a local hospital.

Next: Furl John Williams, 24, formerly of the 18800 block of McFarlin Drive in Germantown has been arrested and charged with the murder of 19-year-old Amaru Amir Santos Johnson on April 29 in Germantown and the killing of 27-year-old Wayne Pope at an Exxon gas station in Suitland on May 3, as well as other charges. Photo courtesy MCPD.

Next: Eric Anthony Lee, 23, of the 13500 block of Wood Crest Manor Way in Clarksburg has been charged with First-Degree and Home Invasion. Photo courtesy MCPD.

Next: One of the two female shooting victims is loaded into a MCFRS ambulance to be transported to a local hospital for treatment. Both females suffered non-life threatening injuries in the shooting.

Next: Officers from MCPD 5th District investigate the shootings at 12839 Kitchen House Way, as victims and witnesses are interviewed.

Next: A line of MCFRS and EMS units stacked on Kitchen House Way in Germantown after at least three people were shot on April 29.

Next: The townhouse at 12839 Kitchen House Road was taped off with police crime scene tape on Saturday morning as police investigated the quadruple shooting.

NOTE: Germantown Pulse has blurred the faces of the victim and witnesses in an effort to protect their identity.

Photos by Germantown Pulse.