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Germantown Musician Nominated for Worldwide Music Award

While the music of Randy “Windtalker” Motz may not make the Hot 100 list, the Germantown-based recording artist’s most recent album "Hózhó – Walking in Beauty" heads the list of 10 nominees for the "Best Native American Album of 2016" by One World Music Radio.

The music, which is described as native soundscapes, is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Native American-style flute, piano, cello, guitar, strings and Native percussion.

A regular performer at Maryland venues such as Beans in the Belfry, the Frederick Coffee Company and Café, and Elk Run Vineyards and Winery, "Windtalker's" third Native-American flute album was inspired by the Navajo philosophy of life, hózhó ;the word that embodies "walking in beauty," the striving for balance and harmony, together with beauty and order.

Recorded in response to many requests for a CD designed as a soundtrack for meditation, yoga classes, or quiet reflection, this 13-song CD features solo Native American-style flute, flute duets, ocarina, world drums, harp, guitar, orchestra and soothing nature sounds. It provides a peaceful accompaniment for those desiring relaxation, peace, and comfort when situations in life challenge their hózhó and to restore their tranquility so they may again "walk in beauty."

The graceful and winding melodies communicate a long-held passion for Native history, cultures, and ceremonies. In addition, the powerful, majestic, and sometimes mystical landscapes he has seen during his travels throughout the US, become the backdrop for the weaving of a musical tapestry; a soothing journey through sacred lands and iconic landscapes. Using a diverse acoustic palette, each song paints a “soundscape.” that will transform the spirit, touch the soul, and relax the mind.

"Windtalker" was inspired to create this style of music after attending two distinctly different concerts. One was by Yanni, with its powerful blending of orchestra, rock instrumentation, and distinct ethnic styles, and the second was by Robert Mirabal, who interwove Native American instruments with a rock band and lush, effects-laden cello.

The finals for the 2016 OWM Music Awards will be held on June 4, 2017. One World Music Radio is the top radio station in Europe for the genres of acoustic guitar, ambient, contemporary instrumental, electronic, Native American, new age, piano, vocal, and world/global fusion music. OWM's mission is to unite the world through music.

Photo by Photo by Georgia L. Harris